As professional manufacturer for coil packing machine/coil wrapping machine, shjlpack providing almost full range coil packaging solution for our clients. As long as for coil object’s packaging requirement, they can find the suitable solution in Shjlpack.

For steel coil packaging: There are semiauto to automatic packing machine solution for steel strip, slitting coil, alloy coil, stainless steel… there is able providing well protected packaging by our special designed machinery.

For steel wire coil packaging: Wire coil packing/wrapping machine is able handle your aluminum wire coil, PI wire coil, PC wire coil, Pre-strand wire coil…by stretch film,paper, pvc… The solution can be vary from your handling operation.

For plastic pipe packing: There are hose coil packing/wrapping machine, pvc pipe wrapping machine for coil packaging from 1kg to 500kg, for coil size OD:200-3000mm, for width50-1500mm…Even there are solution for automatic coiling and pipe packaging.

For copper coil packing: Both horizontal coil stretch wrapper and vertical coil wrapper are available for copper strip, coil sheet coil packaging. Automatic packing and stacking line is capable help you reduce the labor cost a lot.

For Tyre packing: Tyre packing/wrapping machine can be designed with different function to meet your need in tyre wrapping, logo tapping, label printing… for your truck tyre, bicycle tyre, small car tyre…

For Bearing packing: Bearing packing machine is a unique designing by shjlpack with eye through wrapping machine. It is able to choose different packing material for different season, different area packaging requirement. It an easy operation bearing packing equipment to increasing your speed.

Steel coil packing machine

Wire coil wrapping machine

Hose coil packing machine

Master coil stretch wrapper

Automatic pipe coiler

Bearing packing machine

Tyre packing machines

coil packing machines for replacing the man power


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