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hose coil wrapping machine
The coil wrapping machine is used for packaging of the steel coils,  rods coil, hose ciol, steel wires with different application. The packages are well protected from the external factors like pressure, moisture and so on by the coil packages. The machine is available in different types with diverse features in coil size, packing material. This helps in various applications to load the coils with different handling way and wrap it to protect it from external impact. In this article we will discuss more about the coil wrapping machine and its best practices with coil package.
Following description helps to find a easy way to understanding all the coil packaging form and designing avaiable.


Coil loading by manaully with wrapping station fixed
Coil loading by tool

Chapter 2. Ring side up for coil loading from top

By head crane coil loading
By manually loading

Chapter 3. Trolley for heavy coil loading & packing

Chapter 4. Semiauto coil wrapper in horizontal coil loading

For small coilpackage
For big coil package

Chapter 5. Automatic solution for coil packing

Basic: Conveyor loading packing machine
Industry 4.0: Automatic coil packing line

Chapter 6. Customized solution for special coil packaging 



Chapter 1. Vertical Ring side down for easy coil loading by manually

This is a initial designing way for the coil packing, the ring toward to the floor, so that the packing can be well loding by rolling in and out. So it is a basic wrapping equipment used for coil rolling and packaging in a long time. This coil wrapping machines first stop the product flow on the control panel, then take the coil in its hand and automatically turn it into a package with a coil package machine.

Coil loading by manually with wrapping station fixed


coil wrapping machines

In the packing process, before using the coil wrapping machine, only power connection and air connection required. So of the customer will dig a pit and installed the machine into so that the roller level same as the floor for easy coil rolling in & out.



Coil loading by tool with wrapping station movement:

This is a solution with special designing that the wrapping station is movable. This kind of ring side down machine is for easy loading and unloading from the top by crane or forklifter. As you know, there is a problem for heavy coil handling by crane with belt or C-hook that the coil is swaying when the coil was lifting and moving. The swaying is denger for the wrapping machine. Because of any "connecting" would deform the machine structure or shape of the heavy coil. So there is need a enough space on the top side of the roller station. So that it is easy for coil handling throught manul loading and unloading procession.
coil wrapping machine with head crane loading
The video of the wrapping sation moveable solution

Chapter 2. Ring side up for loading from top side

This is the ring side up coil wrapping machine. The ring mouth is up towards with supportive rollers 4-6 pces in 2 or 3 group. This kind of designing is good for head crane loading the heavy coil load from top. And the machine required a small space. Beause the machine is easy for standing opearation. So for some light product, many factories using this kind of coil packing equipment for light coil packaging, such as plastic pipe, hose, tyre...Comparing with floor level opeartion, this kind of designing is more user friendly in opeation.

This kind of designing also fit for bigger packing range in the coil OD as long as the height of the facility is enough.

By head crane coil loading

The most of user choosing this  version is for resovling the probilem caused by crane handling and manual packaging. Since the top sides is opening, the machine allows more safety operation space.

With the update device, the machine can do automatic coil supprotive from top and bottom. So that the coil would be well wrapping without shaking.

By the way, the main board of the wrapper is able up and down adjustment that is a way to resove the packing problem caused by different coil OD.

By manually coil loading

This is a machine asking the standing opeartion way because of the wrapping position in rolls  is app. 600-800mm. So the people no need bow for handling the coil packing procession from packing material fixing, cutting, reloading... The coil load have to be light and easy to lifting, The heavy coil packaging by this machine is not a good choice when the coil loading and unloading by manually. For example, the coil weight upto 20Kg coil lifting and down in 8 hours that is a high strength work for many staff.


Chapter 3. Coil wrapping with trolley for heavy coil

Safety is first, This version machine was desgined following this principle. Before using this machine, the most factory using manual coil wrapping by lifting and hanging the coil. By this way, not only packing speed solwing, but also packing loose and danger in coil handling and position turning.
It is one of importation coil packing solution that designed for heavy load, such as steel coil, wire oil, aluminum coil...The trolley includes the roller rotaion for coil 360 degree turning. And it includes the motor driven track system for ajduting the trolley position for wrapping and coil unloading.
In the safety opeartion, the safety fence, light barrer can be using for safety working area.

Chapter 4. Semiauto coil wrapper for horizontal coil loading

Some of the coil is soft and easy deforming in vertical (eye to wall way) by gravity. Such as cable coil, wire rod coil, even narrow copper coil... So this kind of coll packaging asking the way to well supporting the coil in wrapping.The horizontal coil wrapper that is for coil eye to sky way packaging. By the supportive of the roller table, the easy deforming coil would be well shape keeping before of after wrapping. This machine can be used to conduct relatively closed packaging for different dimensions of steel coils or other coiled unpackaged objects so as to play a role of anti-rust, waterproof, dustproof, anti-damage and anti-aging etc. The packaging material mating with this machine is of compound packaging paper tape or high-quality compound knit packing tape.

Chapter  5. Automatic solution for coil packing

With rapid change to technology, industries many factories looking for automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using modern smart technology to follow the tern of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It would relates to a big range machine and technolagy when the solution is about the automation. So as to the coil packaging. Not only the all coil packing procession need to be automatic mechanical machine considering , but also the system for package tracking, information chcking, data sharing,monitor... The drawing is a way to designed per automation that from coil checking, picking up, information ready, packing and stacking for warehouse. All data in the production can be checking by MES system. Therefore such a line, the requirement need to be well commmunication between manufacturer and end user.

Basic: Conveyor loading automatic coil packaging


This is an basic soltuion for coil packing, because of the it just relate to the packaging procession. Only coil strapping, coil wrapping and stacking was included into the soltuion. It is a traditional automatic solution.that is for replace man power from the packing procession by machine.

Industry 4.0: Automatic coil packing line

The digitalization is the key point of the solution base on the mechanical automatic line.

Chapter  6. Customized solution for specail coil packing

About chapter 1-5 is convers the 99% coil packaging requirement in the traditional industry, but there are still 5% specail coil shape prodcuts need to be packaging. The solution customized may includes severl differently packaging technology or even cross-border solution.



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