Horizontal Coiling Machine Online Solution

Horizontal coiling machine for hose,cable and pipe coil. Wind and pack the coils automatically. There are different packaging goal can be achieved by adding different components.

The new automatic coiler / hose coiling machine for winding the different size pipe and hose.Our automatic coil winding machine meets the CE standard and adopts the latest advanced technology and industrial design standards.At present, the packaging solution of the industry is provided by Fhopepack. We have been working hard to provide innovative and cost-effective products for the plastic industry.We have successfully solved problems such as automatic coiling,straping and wrapping.We can design your own automatic packaging system for you through our sales service, equipment service, customer service and engineering department.


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Automatic Hose Coiler

  • Automatic hose coiler and strapping machine| Vertical 3060

    Automatic hose coiler and strapping machine| Vertical 3060Vertical automatic hose coiling and strapping machine from SHJL PACK is simple and effective machine for hose manufacturers. No manually operation, just press start button and get finished hose coil. A worker can manage several hose extrusion lines and coiling, strapping included. The hoses coming out continuously on the producti...

  • Automatic hose coiler and wrapping machine | Horizontal 1530

    Automatic hose coiler and wrapping machine | Horizontal 1530Automatic hose coiling machine from SHJL PACK is best choice for hose manufacturers. It’s wholly automatic machine design from hose feeding, winding, cutting, packing and feeding-out. Convenient machine operation in safety, easy machine maintain and high effective. It’s available for small and medium hose coiling and packing....