Customized stretch wrapping machine

Fhope providing customized solution per customer's requirement to meet the handling, packing form, storage, transportation requirement.
Coil shape package:  Steel coil, Wire coil, Copper coil, Aluminum Coil, Bearing, Die, Cable, Hose coil, Pipe coi, Tyre, PET coil,
Long shape packing:  Board, Panel, Aluminum profile, Timber, Wooden, Lumber, Door, Windor, Furniture, Steel tube, Plastic pipe.
Pallet Load: All Kind of pallet packages.
The packing solution can be semiauto equipment, automatic packing line and packing system. 


Aluminum packing solution

Panel Packing Solution

  • ICF block packing machine

    ICF block packing machineThis is block packing machine designed for Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) which is easy to packing and stack the ICF package. The blocks are reinforced with nice package ...

  • Floor heating panel/PEX tubing panel packing machine

    Floor heating panel/PEX tubing panel packing machineFloor heating panel packing machine and PEX tubing panel packing machine is a type of orbital horizontal stretch wrapper which is able wrapping the panel with stretch film in 4 side or 6 sides with stretch film....

  • Rigid board packing machine

    Rigid board packing machineRigid board packing machine is the desgined for EPS panel and high density foam panel with diferent size and dimension. And the machine is work for many types packing for environment material....

  • Subfloor panel packing and wrapping machine

    Subfloor panel packing and wrapping machineSubflooring panel packing machine: There is shrinking solution and wrapping solution available per different packaging goal for the subfloor panel package per size and packaging material. The solution can be designed add to the production line......

Automatic coiling and strapping machine

Pallet Inverter