Automaic motion shrink wrapping machine manufacturer for industry packing solution

The sides sealer / motion sealing machine and shrinking tunnel works for different size package in box, bottle, board, cans...Fhope also provides the customized packing line designing and OEM service.

The motion side-slear shrinking machine for protecting package

The auto motion sealer shrinking machine is widely used in packaging requirement for batch production, high efficiency,auto film feeding and punching, auto film sealing and cutting,manual adjust film guiding system and in-feeding conveyor for differenet width and height products.Digital display panel, easy to operation. High Temperature Resistance and Stickness Proof. It can be used in packaging requirement for mass production, such as food, software, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobiles, cables, cosmetics, and electronics...Different products with different sizes can be packed together as promotional package.Adopt Omron brand parts such as temperature controller, timer, relay, switch, and sensor.We have the most professional techniques and team, according to the customer requirements, we supports different kinds of customized packing machines according to your packing requirements.

Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine

  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-900

    Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-900Description: MO-900 is sealingpackaging machine,with full-automatic model, and dont need any manual operation.The machine is widely used in production line and packaging using. Automatic feedingconveyingbaggingsealingshrinkage all packing functions in one line, packing efficiency is high, and be used for products with different h...

  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-600

    Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-600Description: MO-600 is widely used in sealing and shrinking packing for mass production packaging. It is full-auto type machine, can acheive auto feeding, auto power conveying, auto bagging then sealingshrinkage. can be suitable for different heights and width of many different goods. Feature´╝Ü 1.The sealing part of transverse c...

  • Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-350

    Motion Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-350Description: MO-350 is an economical and full-auto sealingpackaging machine independently developed by our company, which is widely used in the assembly process of mass production and packaging. Automatic feedingconveyingbaggingsealingshrinkage in one time with high efficiency, and be suitable for products with different heights ...