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The MO-600 is a fully automated machine that can handle power feeding, bagging, and shrink wrapping. It also recommends an appropriate model based on the product's specifications.

MO-600 is an automatic sealing and shrinking packaging machine designed for mass production. Powered by electricity, it can feed, conveying and bag a product according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

1.suitable for POF, PVC, PP and other different shrinkage films.
2.The conveying part adopts imported fiber sleeve, which is resistant to high temperature, wear and tear, not scalding film, not deformation, and can be used for a long time.
3.Shrinkage temperature, conveying speed and air volume can be adjusted.
4.PLC programmable controller work continuously and smoothly.
5.Feeding length film can accurately controlled and make the contraction effect easier to operate.
6.Two sets electric eyes. it can be easily sealing and packaging for thin or small packaging.
7.Automatic scrap dealed,single motor control, no too loose or too tight and crack.
8.Automatic blowing system can be added if you need it.
9.Optional add front feeding power conveyor and out-feeding no power storage stacking device.

Technical Specification: MO-600
Sealing type side sealing
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Sealing height ≤250 mm
Sealing width ≤600 mm
Product size width+height≤400 mm
Product length infinite
Packing capacity depends on product length
Film type center-folded polyolefin (POF) film or polyethylene(PE)film
Max film size 860mm(width) x 280mm(outer diameter)
Power consumption 12.5kW
Tunnel oven size depends on product length
Tunnel conveyor speed variable
Tunnel conveyor chains with rotating silicon coated rods
Working height 780-820 mm
Air pressure ≤0.5MPa
Sealing system Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats
Operating panel Siemens colorful touch screen, PLC, Omron temperature controller
Weight 900kg

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