Automatic steel tube packing line


This automatic packing line mainly aims at tube solution. We know tube is very long and wide, and the tube packing line is customized by its characters.
And some tubes have a easy-scratch surface and/or satin finish, which means keeping the original and beautiful surface plays an important role once produced.
So, the nicest tube solution is bagging, bundling and strapping.
Single tube and/or bundles of tube bagging is optional. Every packing solution is just to meet you and help you.

Steel Tube Packing Line

  • Steel tube packing line (Bundling and strapping machine)

    Steel tube packing line (Bundling and strapping machine)Tube pipe auto online bundling, and auto strapping /bagging will be formed in a hexagonal shape, well-shaped and stUrapped. It can be online or off-line for tube pipe packing. ...

  • Steel tube bagging line

    Steel tube bagging lineThe Jlpack provides packaging solutions for the LONG SHAPE OBJECTS, such as steel tube, aluminum tube…Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products....