steel wire winding and strapping line

automatic steel wire coiling and strapping machine

Automatic wire rewiding and strapping machine special designed per steel wire producer. The wire OD;1-6mm coil OD: 600-700mm Width:80-150mm Automatic PLC control Level one control system with MES. Level two & level three control for…

master coil stretch wrappe

master jumbo coil packing machine

The master coil stretch wrapper machine manufacturer provides the reliable big steel coil eye through wrapping by paper, stretch film, VCI film. It is able wrapping the biggest OD with 3000mm , width 2500mm ,…

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aluminum packing machine with bagging solution

It is a testing video shows the big profile bagging. The bagging machine is able works for the profile section with 200x200mm For more profile packing solution: The manufacturer provides the customized designing…

steel pipe packing

shjlpack tube bag packing machinepipe bagging-machine

Automatic bagging machine with automatic in-feeding and out-feeding. The machine is able automatic bagging forming and package filling into for online operation. Automatic bagging machine tube, profiles For more packing solution:

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N95/KN95内置鼻梁条口罩打片机,内置鼻梁条改造服务 上海风鼎机械是我们的友商,他们提供各种半自动的口罩生产设备,主营生产口罩打片机,口罩内置鼻梁切片机。他们也可为您提供旧款口罩切片机的自动内置鼻梁条的改造服务。 短短1个半月他们已经为客户提供超过40台这样的口罩打片机。 1. 稳定的超声波发生器,可连续24小时不停运转。2. 特殊合金滚刀3. 伺服控制可根据实际需要调整设备的运行速度。4. 自动送料,定位更准确,能使原料宽度控制到最小,节约成本。5. 成品的长度和尺寸应控制均匀,偏差±1mm,能有效控制成品的长度。 改文章转自:

copper tube packing system

Automatic coil packing line video

Automatic copper tube coil packing machine, tube coil packing line that works for automatic infeeding, copper tube wrapping, copper tapping… It is an automatio system to save your cost.

mask making machien -FHOPE

Face mask making machine video

The manufacuter of the face mask making machine providing the in stock source for helping your start the production imediately. Following massage is from : 1. Equipment applicable to the production of N95 /…

GS300 wire coil wrapping machine

Wire packing machine videos

Automatic wire coil online packing machine Automatic wire coil packing machines There is packing solution from wire coiling machine, wire strapping, wire coil wrapping, wire coil stacking… The customized solution available per different specification.