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Orbital stretch wrapper factory

The video of the orbital stretch wrapper in the factory testing with stretch film

pipe bundle packing machine line manufacturer in china

Automatic plastic pipe bundle packing line The automation sysem to handling and packing the pvc pipe online without need mannually. The automatic control system for pipe number counting online for extruder. Packing solution: by bagging with PE bag, or Woven…

steel coil packing line video

coil packing line for stainless steel

The automatic coil wrapping machine on the steel coil packing line with paper and stretch film wrapping. The designing of the layout was made per limited space. Coil packing solution and handling solution manufacturer.…

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coil packaging line with semiauto stacking machine

“It is coil packaging line with semiauto stacking machine: It including: coil car+tilter+conveyor+automatic coilwrapping machine+coil stacking machine The solution can be custom build per your need from coil handling to coil stocking, palletizing…”