GS300 wire coil wrapping machine

Wire packing machine videos

Automatic wire coil online packing machine Automatic wire coil packing machines There is packing solution from wire coiling machine, wire strapping, wire coil wrapping, wire coil stacking… The customized solution available per different specification.

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automatic hose coiling and pipe coiler

Automatic hose and pipe coiling and binding machine. The binding by pp strapping automatically. The coiling and winding system are motor servo drive for accuracy and precison coil coiling. Nice and regular coil uniform good…

automatic coiler and strapping machine

Automatic pipe coiling machine, pipe winder Shjlpack provide the automatic pipe and hose coiling and strapping, wrapping system to connect with  extruder/spool. The pipe through the tensioner and meter counting device  and feeidng by clamper into coiling hand. The…

master coil stretch wrappe

master jumbo coil packing machine

The different packing types summarized in attached file and for each of these coils the ID can be 508mm or 610mm and the OD can vary from 800mm, 850, 900, 950, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300,…

coil packing machines

how to packing the coil by coil packing machine

This is an coil wrapping machine designed with fixed coil wrapping station and movement wrapping machine. It is a economice solution for heavy steel coil packing with crane loading and unloding.

Panel and board stretch wrapper

Operation: Boards into the horizontal wrapping station after the front turntable changes it’s direction Roller conveyor pushes the boards to wrapping position automatically while sensors detect it Boards stop automatically while it at the wrapping position. Film cutter…

automatic coiler

Automatic coiler for hose

Automatic coiler made in China with hose coiling and strapping machine for online hose counting length, coil making, cutting, eye throught strapping and packing. The solution vary from hose size and coiling size. The manufaturer provides the automation control system to help online production, packing and handling the hose.

hose strappinging and coiling machine

Automatic coiling and strapping machine

This is automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine specialized for vertical coiling and strapping, such as pipe coil, hose coil, etc. After coiling and strapping, pipe coils are well-shaped. The machine saves labor force and improves work efficiency that plays a key role in your production procedure and is popular in modern packaging industry.

automatic coiler and strapping machine

Automatic pipe coiler

Packing process:

Pipe from extruder/spool through the tensioner and counter
Automatic feeding the pipe to coiling station.
Pipe head clamped and turning for coiling
Automatic layer making and coil making.
Automatic cutting the pipe while pipe length reach to the setting.
Holding the pipe coil and turning 180 degree.
Automatic strapping 3/4/6per requirement.
Pushing out the strapped coil.
Coiler turning 180 degree for re-coiling.