November 2015

Semi-auto Pneumatic Steel Belt Strapping Machine

Our pneumatic type steel belt strapping machine is pusher type lightweight and compact strapping tools. The tightening force can be adjusted as customers’ need by the air pressure. This strapping tool performs tightening, sealing, and cutting of residual strap chips quickly with one-touch operation for light and heavy objects.

This pneumatic steel belt strapping machine is especially used for round face, hook face and little irregular shape objects’ strapping. Single up notch, double up notch, and overlap up notch modes are available.

Semi-auto Pneumatic PP/PET Belt Strapping Machine

Semi-auto pneumatic PP/PET strapping machine is simply press the strapping object, and the tool will quickly start tightening, sealing, cutting PP/PET belt and will reset itself automatically.

This strapping tool performs tightening, sealing, and cutting of residual strap chips quickly with one-touch operation. It is equipped with a seal magazine that automatically supplies seal with buckle. This semi-auto pneumatic PP/PET belt strapping machine is light and flexible for portable operation with heavy steel coil, steel pipe bundle and others objects’ strapping.

Application of PP & PET Belt Strapping Tool

As we know, the strapping tool for PP & PET belt strapping is applied universal. There are mainly two kinds of PP and PET belt strapping tools used nowadays. It is the
pneumatic PP&PET strapping tool and electric PP&PET strapping tool.

Electric PP&PET strapping tool is driven by battery, which is more flexible & portable. Maybe you will feel doubt that how long the electric PP & PET strapping tool can be used. As usually, one battery lifetime is short, how can we do if the battery used up during strapping? Actually, for a 2400mA battery, it can be used to strap about 3000pcs of object.

Semi-auto Sealless Steel Belt Strapping Tool

Strapping tool is widely used in abroad range of industries at present. It nearly replace of manual strap mode, especially in metallurgical industry. Structure of strapping tool seems very easy & flexible, while it can be applied to strap with PP, PET and steel belt.

Semi-auto steel belt strapping machine is applied for high precision cold-rolled sheet, cold-rolled plate rolling, metal sheet, wood product, wooden case, aluminum section, glasses, electric wire, pallet and other goods’ strapping. It is easy for storage and transportation after strapping.

Coil and strip stacker

The coil stacking machine is normally operated as the last procedure in a coil processing line, which can stack the wrapped coils on wooden pallet automatically. It is available to stack the products with different…

Packing Solutions for door/panel and wooden industry

Shjlpack is good at providing packing solutions to door industries based on clients’ requirements and needs. Three main popular packing solutions to your door by Shanghai Jinglin: door shrink machine (sealing and shrinking machine), horizontal door stretch wrapping machine and turntable door stretch wrapping machine. While if you want to pack your frames by a machine, we also can offer you a suitable packing machine to reduce your manual work. Over 17 years of experience in packaging industry, we have obtained many advanced and unique techniques based on our own R & D.