cabinet bubble film packing machine

Would you mind providing more your prodcuts package photos, so that we can better understanding your require ment.The horizontal wrapping machine in the youtube video was designed for aluminum profile binding, wrapping and stacking. Capable…

pipe bundle packing machine line manufacturer in china

automatic pipe bundling and bagging machine

Automatic pipe bundling and bagging machine developed for rerleasing the man power for the pipe bundle making and bag filling. https://www.shjlpack.com/products-and-production/pipe-packing-line/ The solution is an automation to help extruding and packing automatic. That has greart…

slitting Stee coil packaging line

Slitting coil packaging line video

The video is the slitting coil packaging line testing at factory. That was continue running 3 days for checking the electirc parts, program system and mechanical designing. The machine testing from down ender coil pick…