smaller diameter coil sealing and shrinking machine

A smaller diameter coil sealing and shrinking machine is a specialized equipment used for sealing and shrinking the packaging film around smaller diameter coils. It is commonly used in industries such as wire and cable manufacturing, automotive, and electrical appliances.

  1. Design and Structure: The machine is designed specifically to accommodate smaller diameter coils. It features a compact and robust structure, with a sealing and shrinking chamber and control panel.
  2. Sealing Mechanism: The machine employs a sealing mechanism to securely seal the packaging film around the coil. It typically utilizes a heated sealing bar that applies heat and pressure to create a tight and reliable seal.
  3. Shrinking Process: After sealing, the machine initiates the shrinking process. It uses a heat source, such as hot air, to evenly distribute heat and shrink the packaging film around the coil, providing a tight and protective wrap.
  4. Compatibility with Smaller Diameter Coils: The machine is designed to handle smaller diameter coils, typically ranging from a few centimeters to a few dozen centimeters in diameter. This ensures precise and efficient packaging for coils of various sizes.