Automatic shrinking machine manufacturer in China

Our team provides different shrinking packing machine solution via different products with small size and big load...such as Shrinking machine,Shrinking wrapping machine,Shrink packaing

Automatic shrinking machine solution manufacturer

FHOPE is one of good reputation manufacturer for automatic shrinking machine by new technology reasearching and developing. The shrin packaging solution mainly for food industry, pharmacy industry, daily chemical industry all over the world. To be a leading company in shrink wrapping solution, Fhope provides safety and environmental friendly solution towards to the world.

Our team provide the flexible solution that controlled by customized designing systems. Our managing systems have been linked with the production,designing and commissioning and after service. The whole production history back up into the system that can be find out for potential after-sales reviews.

The company manufacturing a full range of shrink packaging equipment and customized solution. Our team has always produced flexible and durable solutions in film packaging machine industry with shrink wrap machines.
FHOPE provide automatic Shrink wrapping has many different applications per different industries. The machine is not only easy to operation and use, but also helps the user to have a wide range of benefits following.
➢ Great Protection
When the products with shrinking film was applied to shrink wrap, the film will be shrink that creates a very tight seal package. This plastic seal on the surface is able isolate and protects the shrink wrapped products from the damage caused by dust, dirt or moisture. Special types of shrink film also provides the UV protection that keeping your products safe in harmful rays.
➢ Durability
The good quality shrink film after heating wraps into a very sturdy, durable plastic which is difficult to tear or puncture. Compare to the normal packaging way, in the sun or extreme cold condition the shrink wrap does not become fragile or weaken. The shrink wrap products can be a bundle to avoid loosing in transportation.
➢ Economic
Shrink wrap film is easy to have from the market, which can be customize per different packaging with minimize volume. And the bundled products saves the storage space and also save the additional bulky materials for holding the products together that is good for storage and transport.

➢ Convenience
The shrink wrap machine is can be used for any size project that is flexiable for packing different package to moisture prove. That is good for toy pieces, candies, and hardware bundle making. The shrink wrap machine can be a part of automation system for online packaging.


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