Packaging Machinery Manufacturer in China

Welcome to the website of SHJLPACK! As a packaging machine manufacturer for coil and straight objects since 1998, we have designed and manufactured a vast range of wrapping machine that includes our coil wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, coil tilter, and automatic packaging line. Base on rich experience and professional team our products are reliable, durable and easy to use which widely used in the steel, metallurgy, rubber, plastics, and many other industries around the world.

    1. Wire Wrapping Machine
    2. Wire Wrapping MachineGS500 wire coil wrapping machine was special design for the packaging of steel coil, wire rod coil, PC wire coil. And the wrapped package is ...
    1. Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
    2. Steel Coil Wrapping Machine GD600 steel coil wrapping machine with trolley could be widely used in the exterior wrapping for steel coil, copper coil and wire coil. And the ...
    1. Hose Coil Wrapping Machine
    2. Hose Coil Wrapping Machine This hose coil wrapping machine is equipped with double-rub wheel devices, it is an coil wrapper makes working more safe stable and energetic.
    1. Vertical Wrapping Machine
    2. Vertical Wrapping MachineGW900 eye vertical wrapping machine designed with roller conveyor for coil wrapping requirement. This kind of coil wrapper is able to contact with packing system ...
    1. Pipe Wrapping Machine
    2. Pipe Wrapping MachineGG series automatic pipe wrapping machine was designed mainly for pipe industries. The stretch wrapping machine is able to connect with Stacking, bundling, strapping system for automatic packing ...
    1. Pallet Wrapping Machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our pallet wrapping machine is a popular stretch wrapping machine used to pack goods on the stack with PE stretch wrapping film, which makes the goods stable and tidy.
    1. Rotate Arm Wrapping Machine
    2. Rotate Arm Wrapping Machine The rotate arm wrapping machine is used to pack goods on the stack. It is an stretch wrapper with PE stretch wrapping film.
    1. Automatic Steel Coil Packaging Line
    2. Automatic Steel Coil Packaging LineJinglin is a China automatic steel coil packaging line manufacturer and supplier. The main products include automatic steel wrapping line which can be special designed ...

Since establishment at 1998, SHJLPACK have sought to provide special packing solution for coil objects and straight objects to customers all over the world. Through enforcing in quality and manufacturing management control system, our machinery was well received by market. Our experienced QC department is rigorously monitor every procedure in production, from designing, raw material purchasing and manufacturing, to the final installation and commissioning. Additionally, our employees is provided regular training in production skill so that the production skill can be improved. All above works is able to guaranteed the quality of our wire wrapping machine, coil wrapper tilter. ..

At SHJLPACK, the quality packaging machines is with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support service. Our professional team with years rich experience is able to provide customization and OEM services upon request. As a professional manufacturer for providing equipment with 15 years experience, our packing machines, packing line and relative equipment more than   12000 sets were well received by 1600 clients coverage 220 cities,35 province in China and 55 nations.