The Manufacturer for the tilter,upender, plllry inverter

Electrical mechanical tilters are utilized to tilt steel coils, steel belt, mould, steel sheet and other objects for 90 degree and 180 degree. These mechanical tilters are provided to clients under different conditions and terms. It is driven by electric, tilt through steel chain, which is easy and convenient for operating and maintenance. You just need to brush oil for chain, regulate chain tension regularly.

SHJLPACK company is a reliable and experienced manufacturer, standard design and customized design are available, tilt weight can be from 1 tons to 40 tons. Different weight of objects the drive motor, machine structure, chain usage are different. We will design and produce different tilters to satisfied different customers’ requirement after receiving your object size (OD, Width), object weight, tilt degree, tilt direction. If you have other special requirement for tilt speed, platform design and etc, you can communicate with us, we will make the suitable tilters for you.

Mechanical Tilter

Hydraulic Tilter