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The use of a mold upender can help to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce the risk of injury or damage to molds or tooling. By flipping the molds or tooling, operators can easily access all sides and make necessary adjustments or repairs.

Basic technical parameters:
These features include electric and mechanical displacement restrictions to ensure safe operation, a position locking system that allows the machine to be stopped at any time during working, and a strong, durable structure.
The electric and mechanical displacement restrictions likely help to prevent the machine from moving beyond safe limits or causing damage or injury to operators. The position locking system provides an additional layer of safety, allowing operators to stop the machine immediately if necessary.
The strong and durable structure of the machine is important for ensuring its longevity and reliability. A well-built machine is less likely to experience breakdowns or other issues, which can help to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.
Finally, the mention of CE standards for machine covering and power connection indicates that the machine meets certain safety and quality standards set by the European Union. Compliance with these standards can help to ensure that the machine is safe to use and will perform reliably over time.

  1. Power: 1.5Kw
  2. Table size: 1400x1400mm or per load size
  3. Max.loading: 5T

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