Automataic coil packing line

automatic coil packing line is mainly used for cable coil, wire coil and hose coil. It's a fast and reliable packing line.


Shjlpack automtic steel coil packing line providing custom build machine with horizontal coil packing solution which including turnstile, down ender, weighing, printing, wrapping machine, strapping machine, stacking machine…
And the special designing solution- vertical coil packing line makes coil handling in vertical type. Also we providing system handling solution in coil packaging and stacking… With our decades’ rich experience and continuous technical research in packing machinery, we have developed a series of customized coil packing lines for steel coil、copper coil、pipe coil、wire coil &etc based on the user’s requirements. The coil packing lines are controlled fully automatically by PLC, with easy operation and stable performance, greatly improve the work efficiency and save labor cost.

1. Steel Coil Packaging Line for the coil slitting line

Slitting line steel coil packing line
The packaging line includes the coil strapping and timber feeder. The slitted coil produced by slitting line can be shifting to the coil turnstile by coil car. The Coil Width 2000mm, Weight 10T. The strapping machine is steel coil strapping by eye through.

2. Automatic Slit Coil Packaging System with Turntable

Automatic Slit Coil Packaging System
The well packed steel coil one by one from the packing machine can be stacking on the turnable which is for stacking the coil on pallets per diferent specification.
The coil stacker picking up the automatic centered steel coil whch from the upstream conveyor. Lifting the coil by the strong arms of the stacker and placing it on the pallet per pre-setting data on control system.

Coil Packing Line

  • Wire coil compactor and strapping machine

    Wire coil compactor and strapping machineFor wire coil compacting and strapping machine, you can choose machine models according to your packing needs. Semi-auto steel belt strapping; or full-auto PET strapping packing after coil compacting......

  • GD2000 Master steel coil packing machine

    GD2000 Master steel coil packing machineJLPACK coil master stretch wrapper is specialized designed for automatically wrap steel/aluminium jumbo coils in big width with stretch film, vci paper/film. ...

  • Automatic hose coil packing line

    Automatic hose coil packing lineJLPACK will supply the complete system for you, which include spool picker,wrapping machine,coil dispense device and buffer conveyors,etc....

  • Automatic steel coil packing line(horizontal)

    Automatic steel coil packing line(horizontal)Automatic steel coil /wire Coil packaging line with many packing functions togetehr, without any manual opertation.After the packing finished, the steel coils are conveyed downstream to the stacking position and be stacked on the wooden shelf one by one......

  • Automatic steel coil packing line(vertical)

    Automatic steel coil packing line(vertical)Auto steel coil packing line, can be used for packing cooper coils, wire coils, stains steel and so on.Vertical(coil eye horizontal) type packing with auto miveable trolley....

  • Automatic hose coiling and wrapping packing line

    Automatic hose coiling and wrapping packing lineautomatic coil packing line with auto coiling and wrapping for hose.All conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use....

  • slitting coil packaging line and stacking system

    slitting coil packaging line and stacking systemSlitting Coil Packaging Lines for automatic coil Picking up and Downending that connects with roller conveyor for coil moving to wrapping, strapping, weight and stacking station. ...

A Coil Packaging Line is an important part of any slitting function. You can have a methodical High Speed Slitter only to have it set idle while the coils are striped and removed. A well-planned Banding Line offers you the facility to band, sort, and store coils competently. However, it is essential that the line has the speed and capabilities needed to match the outlay of your specific Slitter. We provide a number of various Banding Line alternatives. While these systems share a number of exchangeable parts, there are three plain equipment designs from which you can select and build. Coil Packaging Equipment is the best addition to an immensely productive Slitting Line.