Home > Products > Automatic Packing Line > Coil Packing Line > This coil packing line is specially designed for automatic coil packing and handling of plastic hose coil/pipe coils after being spooled. We’ll supply the complete system after the coil spooler which include spool picker,wrapping machine,coil dispense device and buffer conveyors,etc.

The spool picker will be customized designed for your pipe coils. When the coil winding finished, the “swing arm” of the picker lifts, the spooler pushed the coil to the arm. The picker takes the coil, tilter for 90 degree and withdraw to the conveyor.
pipe coil packing line2The machine do fully automatic operations including automatic conveying, centralizing, film feeding, wrapping, turning, film cutting, etc.
Reinforced aluminum cast-solid ring with strong structure makes steady wrapping
Friction between driving wheels and ring is adjustable.
Soft start and soft stop for safe operation.
Packing material tension could be adjusted.90%.
PLC program and interface HMI enable the machine do automatic wrapping.
Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position and it is adjustable.
Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically on touch screen and alarming light for easy operation.
Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily.
Ring speed and conveyor speed adjustable on touch screen.
Automatic film feeding at the beginning and film cutting at the end.
Automatic in-feeding conveyor system and outlet conveyor system for online operation. The coils are conveyed to the wrapping station and be wrapped one by one automatically.
Two wrapping mode for choose according to your needs:wrap the coil through the center;wrap the complete coil.
It adopts the cylinder to change the running direction of the coils and push the wrapped coils from the outlet conveyor of the wrapping machine to the independent buffer conveyors lines automatically.
IV. Buffer conveyors lines for storage

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