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Automatic turntable pallet wrapper JL2100-W has a wide range of applications, and is suited for film users of all sizes. Shjlpack's engineering team designed the machine to provide maximum flexibility for heavy duty applications with the most convenience possible. 
When you're operating in a competitive marketplace and your business is reliant on getting products from point A to point B really fast, you want to be confident in your machinery. With Shjlpack's automatic turntable pallet wrapper, you'll get the maximum reliability and safety to tackle any application with ease.
According to NEC Cooperative, the automatic hose coiling machine is the solution to hose manufacturers' need for hoses or extrusions to be rewound and processed into a coil. This innovative product could improve your profitability by saving you time and labor. When used, the pipe will automatically be fed onto a winder and wrapped in cling film. The finished product will then be automatically removed from the machine. NEC Cooperative's SHJL PACK automatic winding machine can give manufacturers more benefits and reduce their labor costs. This product will improve your marketability and win you more business.


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