Different version coil upender for turning the steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil, wire coil...

Coil upender is a kind of industrial machine used to flip or rotate coils of material, such as steel or aluminum. Coils are typically stored or transported horizontally, but may need to be flipped to a vertical position for processing or storage. A coil upender can help to safely and efficiently rotate coils to the desired orientation.
The machine typically consists of a frame that supports the coil during the flipping process, and a motor or hydraulic system that rotates the frame and coil. Some coil upenders may also have conveyor systems to move the coil onto and off of the machine.
Coil upenders may have similar features to roll upenders, such as adjustable turning speed and automatic operation. They may also have additional features specific to the handling of coils, such as adjustable coil clamping pressure and specialized controls for handling larger or heavier coils.
Coil upenders are commonly used in the steel and metal industries, where coils of material need to be moved between different stages of production or storage. They can help to reduce manual handling, increase efficiency, and improve safety in the workplace.

The coil upender has a custom-designed potential features and benefits. Customization options can help to ensure that the machine meets the specific needs and requirements of the customer's production process.
The driving system can be designed to handle different loading capacities, which can help to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of damage to the material being handled. The gear motor can provide reliable power drive, and the machine can have safety features to keep the operator away from the coil turning position.
The special structural design and reinforce band in the turning body can help to ensure the machine is sturdy and reliable. The heavy-duty, four-roll device can support the tilt, and the inverter can control the speed. Safety features like displacement limiters and limited sensors can help to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.
The ability to stop the machine at any angle, even if the power is turned off, can provide additional safety benefits. Emergency stop and position lock functions can help to avoid unwanted rotation. A workbench can be made for each product, which can help to ensure that the machine can handle different types of coils.
And, the upgraded gear box for low noise and low wearing can help to improve the longevity and durability of the machine, reducing maintenance costs over time.

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Lifting equipment should be assembled and installed following the manufacturer's instructions, unless other arrangements have been written in advance. If electrical connections are made, the power supply and corresponding power disconnects should be connected to the line side (power supply side) of the crane disconnect or to an independent circuit as specified in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Coil Upender

  • Coil upender FZ-05C

    Coil upender FZ-05CA coil upender or coil tilter is commonly used in the metallurgical industry for turning over coils, but it can also be used for handling other cylindrical objects such as aluminum coils. It is designed to replace manual handling of heavy and bulky loads, making it safer and more efficient for workers. The machine is also commonl...

  • Coil tilter FZ-10C

    Coil tilter FZ-10CCoil upender or coil tilter is a mechanical device that is commonly used in the metallurgical industry for flipping over coils or other similar objects. It is designed to help with the handling and positioning of these objects, which can be quite heavy and difficult to move manually....


SHJLPACK designed coil upenders focus on safety features to ensure your coil handling work which creats a safety working condition for you and your staff. The most efficient way for the coil to get flipped from horizontal to vertical is by using upenders. What is an upender? It’s a high-strength frame with a high-speed industrial-rated motor that rotates the coil from horizontal to vertical,The rotating mechanism also saves time during the set up process for your coil turning.

steel coil upender
The SHJL Coil Upender provides a safe way to move and flip coils. It is a highly efficient, versatile device with safety features. For example, it prevents expensive damage to coil caused by tipping it with a forklift or crane. It has an integrated floorplate and box construction to protect the drive components.

Coil Upenders can be designed in a variety of capacities, and come in 220 volts, 380 volts, and 480 volts. The machine designed with safe tip-over prevention system and high-strength chain. The upenders are also floor-mounted bases with integrated large floor plates to protect drive components.

With a Coil upender,tipping, rolling, turning the heavy metal coils is no longer a risky process. The coil upener equipment has the ability to tip these long, dangerous steel coils. In addition, this tool can be utilized for many other purposes, such as rotating press dies, palletized products, cylinders, or windmill turbines. All of the SHJLPACK Coil Upenders come equipped with a heavy-duty brake that will stop the load in any position.
Mechanical upenders are a cost-effective way to move metal coils, molds, and other large and heavy loads. They are also flexible; platforms can be sized to meet the needs of your job site.

slitting coil upedner in 10T
SHJL hydraulic upender is ready for anything, but there are options for customization. Hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic circuit flow controls and cross port checks, and blocked center solenoid valves will ensure your hydraulic upender is perfect for you. If you need to travel on rails or have it on wheels, we can customize the options to fit your needs.