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Will hose coiling and strapping be heavy-duty working? Machines that help heavy-duty work are an excellent resource. SHJL PACK has provided a machine to help with these needs — hose coiling that is automatic with a high-quality finish. This machine will make your goals for hose production into reality.

An automatic, machine for manufacturing hoses, this device is much more convenient for feeding directly from the production line. Once the hose has been coiled, it’s cut down and fitted tightly in the winding station. The hose tail is held by the machine, waiting for strapping. The machine rotates to feed to the next winding station. In the meantime, a first coil is being strapped automatically. Customers can choose a different strip number if needed. It’s affordable, efficient, and surprisingly simple in its system!

Please share your hose coiling needs with us at: info@shjlpack.com. We will help you know more details of the machine with technical characters.

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