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A slitting coil packing line can reduce input coils into slitted and pre-packed shapes. It’s the crucial equipment you need when the output from your slitter is high. SHJLPACK has the experience and skills to design and manufacture these systems, that are able to match the speed of your slitter. The slitting coil packing line also keeps the moving process from the slitter to the warehouse going, with only one person needed for the whole system.

SHJLPACK Packaging line of slitting coils is designed to offer complete coil packaging and handling solutions that meet your specifications. They are made with elementary facility designs so they can help you set up a complete coil slitting line. In addition, it reduces the chance of your coils getting jammed and will make your production line run smoothly.
This is a snippet of text taken from our website. For many coil centers, the Basic and Intermediate Systems include some of the following equipment:
Entry Storage Conveyors, Weighing Conveyors, Semi-Automatic strapping stations, Automatic coil stacking machines or sortation tables.
The system can accommodate coils of varying widths. After stacking, the coils can be weighed and then have labels printed on storage conveyor belts. Most coil centers choose to add automatic wrapping machines for improved coil protection during shipping. Wrapping machines are available in many configurations including individual coil wrapping (usually with a shrink film) and palletizing for whole stacks on pallets.
slitting coil packing line manufacturer in China

Technical date
Object weight: 50-4500kg
Package width:30-400mm
Package OD:600-1400 mm
Package ID: 400-600mm
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Rotating speed: 10-90r/min
Wrapping speed: 35-50s/pcs ( no include preparation)
Overlap scope: 20%-90%
Power output: App.2.5kw
Power voltage: 410v/50Hz 3p
Packing Material: Goffered paper/VCI Paper/ Knit belt/HDPE
Width:90mm  OD:400mm  ID:50mm
Width:90mm  OD:100-180mm  ID:50mm

Shjlpack offers this automatic part to solve with and protect the coil from inside to outside by paper and film wraps. Weighing the single coils is optional for the packing line effective for your workshop management. 

Advanced Packaging Lines Advanced Packaging Lines are for higher volume applications where high throughput is essential to keeping the Slitter running optimally.

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