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Cold roll steel coil packing machine---Master Coil Stretch Wrapper

This is a coil master stretch wrapper, a machine that automatically wraps steel/aluminium jumbo coils in big width with stretch film, vci paper and film. It’s an orbital wrapper with eye-through packaging, which means the coil is waterproof, dustproof, rustproof and well protected. The machine has different types based on your jumbo coil packaging needs, but no matter what type you buy, you will always get high quality wraping and protecting. If you want to know more about this equipment, please contact us.

This machine is specially designed to wrap steel coils/aluminum coils with large widths and diameters. The machine automatically finishes the complete wrapping process, so you save labour and get a better product: the package is waterproof, dustproof, rustproof and well-protected.
Small Details:
PLC & HMI interface are adopted for operation.
The wrapping material carriage moves in a circular orbit around the coil center.
There are rollers for loading and unloading coils.
There are manual and automatic positions for operation.Functions are input with OD, ID, width, and the coil correction parameter will be set automatically.
Soft start and soft stop functions ensure safe operation.
The position of the coil can be reset.Sensors are adopted for the trolley.
Railings are installed for machine working area to ensure safety during operations. It is convenient for hoisting. Operation is safe and reliable.
This machine has automatic height adjustment by motor for spacing coils with different OD measures. The rollers are wrapped by polyurethane. When trouble occurs, an alarm indicator can show the problem automatically. The machine is designed and produced based on 2006/42/EC.An additional roller station will be an optional part that can be mounted on the machine as needed.
Object material: steel coils/aluminum coils/other coiled objects
Coil width(W):1000-2000mm/customized
Coil outer diameter (OD): 1000-2200mm/customized
Coil inner diameter (ID): >500mmm/customized
Coil weight: 1000-20000kg/customized
Shutter speed: about 2-3m/sec
Overlap rate: 20%~90%
Power: about 11.0Kw
Power supply: 380V, Three-phase five line
Air supply: 6~8kgf/cm2
Packing material:PE/LLDPE stretch film/PVC
ID:76mm OD:100-250mm Width:250mm
Basic configuration:
PLC-Siemens, HMI-Siemens, Converter-Siemens,Sensor-Autonics, Encoder-Delta, pneumatic element-Airtec, Main motors-YK, switch、button、Contactor- Schneider.
Guarantee value:
a). Shuttle speed: 2-3m/sec
b). Wrapping effect: Product surface is smooth and even wrapped.
Working hours of the machine
Effective working hour per year:7200h.
Scope of supply:
Main engine of the coil master stretch wrapper machine with guide rail:1 set
U-type Orbital: 1 set
Electrical cabinet, guardrail etc:1set for each
Blocker roller station:1 set
Spare parts and user manual:1 set for each
PLC&HMI control system:1 set for each

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