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Steelcoil packing line for packing and handling the steel coil in vertical

This is a /uploads/Images/automatic-packing-line/Automatic-coil-packing-line/vertical-coil-line/Automatic-steel-coil-packing-system-min.jpg, designed to be operated as a companion to existing coil production lines. When it is used, it can pack the coils with high efficiency. The packing type in this page is a vertical type packing system, controlled by PLC program and HMI.
steel coil packing line for eye horizontal

Basic Composition:
The packing system is composed of different handling and packaging equipments. It is mainly composed of a cross arm, coil picking system, coil loading trolley, coil wrapping machines, and upending and stacking system. These components work in synergy to achieve a range of operations, including separating the coils, packaging them, stacking them and finally upending them.
1.Cross arm

2.Automatic coil picking system


3.Automatic packaging machine


4.Automatic stacking system

Principle features:
The packaging line adopts SHJLPACK’s new design concepts and greatly improves efficiency. The entire operation is fully automatic, with only one person needed to complete the whole process thanks to PLC and HMI. The entire work area is behind a security fence, so the machine will automatically stop when someone enters.

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