Home > Products > Automatic Packing Line > Coil Packing Line > It is a automatic wire coil compacting and strapping machine, which includes wire coil compactor, conveyor, strapping machine. It is able handling your wire coil package from drawing line to packing line. It is able separating the basket and wire coil online operation. The strapping machine strap the wire coil 3-4 straps according size of wire coil. It can be an automatic system to replace the manually work in your wire coil production workshop. Shjlpack help you find the best solution per your need.

• This Strapping & Compacting Line has frames, electric cabinet, pneumatic and hydraulic installation. This line include automatic wire coil compactor, strapping machine, conveyor, turn table …which will be fully automatic with manual operations possible.
• The Automatic Strapping Machine performs all the straps in different strapping positions. The wire coil along with the basket should be rotated by the rotation table and the compactor system at the strapping position.
Strapping material:
 Strap width 19mm
 Strap thickness 1,00 / 1,27mm
 Type of strap Polyester
 Strap quality Smooth /High quality polyester strap

Sealing features:
 Type of joint By friction – vibration
 Joint location The strapping is performed in the front part of the wire coil.
 Joint efficiency Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality).

Speeds and strength
 Strap. Tension 1000N – 1200N (adjustable depending the material)
 Strap feed & Take –up speed Approx. 1,5m / second (adjustable)
 Tension speed 4 m / minute

Hydraulic features
 Maximum pressure 105 bar
 Work pressure 100 bar
 Type of oil Hydraulic oil (for example: VESTA HLP – 46)
 Work temperature < 45ºC
Pneumatic features
o Air quality 50u filtered and lubricated with oil (for example: VESTA HLP-22)
o Maximum temperature 60ºC
o Maximum pressure 10 bar / 1MPa
o Work pressure 6 bar / 0,6 MPa
o Nominal flow in 6 bar Approx. 4800Nl/min ▲p 1 bar
Electric features
 Automata Siemens S7-200
 Power requirements AC 380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
 Solenoid valves & sensors DC24V
 Power of motors app.18Kw

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