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Flipper Lift Table
The flip table can be used for the following applications:
Processing and assembly of moulds.
Replace and move molds plug - ins.
Processing and assembly of engines.
Machining and assembly.
Roll material inverted.

Basic description
1) 90 or 180 degree turning the mold
2) Heavy designed structure.
3) Quality hydraulic system.
4) Speed of turning is adjustable.
5) Soft start and stop
6) Mechanical and electric stop block for safety operation.
7) Control panel or Remote operation
8) Automatic stop
9) Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion
10) Two way back pressure technical.
11) actuation: double acting hydraulic cylinders
12) coil load: via fork lift (coil palletized)
13) coil unload: via crane or fork lift through coil ID
14) control: pedestal mounted hydraulic power unit
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