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Industry Coil Tilter FZ-H05

We’ve been here to meet your industrial coil upender needs! We manufacture and sell top-quality upenders. These upenders are famous for their sturdiness and superior finish, and they are appropriate for heavy engineering applications. Plus, we have a wide selection of different upenders in our catalog so that you can find the one that’s perfect for you.
The features that make our industrial upender FZ-H10 so great are high efficiency, superior stability, easy operations, easy maintenance, protection from the environment, and more. With this upender, two people can easily lift steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil, sheet board, and other products using our straps.

The SHJLPACK coil tilter is constructed with durable materials, has a double chain structure, offers high load capacity and corrosion resistance, and has a level tilt surface. The tilter also has a range of stops so that it can be set at any angle. Its operation is stable and safe, and it can tilt in either direction within a reasonable amount of time. The one-way turnaround speed is around 50-90 seconds. It can also be adjusted according to a specified requirement.

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