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This SHJL Customized Packaging Machine is a L-Type sealing and shrinking machine, which is widely used in mass production of carton packaging. After the machine is connected to the production line, it can be used for further packing. The packing machine is suitable for POF, PVC, PP, and different shrinkage film materials.

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1. The new front-end conveyor adopts a type of roller shaft that's imported and highly heat resistant. It also doesn't abuse the film, doesn't deformation, and can endure for a long time.
2.Imported heat insulation cord, greatly reducing heat loss.
3.POF, PVC, PP and other shrinkable film can be selected as packaging film.
4. Omron, built-in PID function, and sealing knife automatic alarm function, greatly improve the security.
5. Import detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical directions.
6.dopt imported Schneider frequency converter stepless speed regulation with stable speed regulation performance.


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