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SK-060EBS fully automatic sleeve shrink packaging machine specialized in “carton stacking collective packaging”, able to cooperate with production line and operate the feeding, wrapping, sealing, shrinking, freezing without human interference. Different composing ways for choosing: 5 boxes(1*5)、10 boxes(1*10).......

1.SK-060EBS made according to world's leading technology and workman craft, a reliable and safe machine for users.
2.Adopt “Siemens PLC” and programmable controller, integrated the electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic components to one system.
3. Possible to pack products based on production requirement such as two lines, three lines, four lines... with or without under support. 
4.Adopt worm gear reducer, no vibration for in-feeding and film feeding.
5.Special designed sealing knife is used, the sealing line is firm, does not crack and is not easy to stick the knife.
6.Automatic feeding parts changing according to the product shape.
7.Able to use colorful packing materials, add color coding system to get positioning function.
8.In-feed both from the right side or left side are achieveable for the conveyor.
10.SHJLPACK adopts dual wind engine, the hot air volume in the furnace chamber is even, and the effect is beautiful after shrinkage.
11.The solid steel pole is used to outsource the imported silicone rubber tube, which is transported by chain bar, and the silicone is durable.
12.Conveying speed is controlled by frequency inverter, easy to operate.
13.Excellent wind cooling system, fast cool down speed.
14.Roller table is able to add next to the exit of shrink tunnel, avoiding falling to floor.

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