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SHJLPACK designed this machine which is suitable for fast consuming products such as instant noodles, cupped food, frozen foods, beverage and cosmetic products, battery........
Function characters:
Automatic heat oven designed by our company with advanced Japanese technology, we have researched on the packing materials used widely in China. The machine pack the products with shrinkable film such as BOPP film, shrinked by heat oven afterwards.
Wrapped products delivered to the heat oven by conveyor, smooth speed and provides the best shrinking temperature. The speed regulator is easy to use and no restriction. Thermoelectrical controller for temperature indication and  control the temperature in setted range effectively. Packed products are nicer and neat than the unpacked. Highly efficient, scientific structure from our designer, reliable operation, less noise and easy to maintain.......more nice features we can get from this machine.

Model: LD-059
Power supply Product size
sealer: Single phase 220V/50Hz Length: 100-450mm
shrink tunnel: 3phase 380V/50Hz Width: 40-190mm
Packing capacity: 30-150 packs/minute Height: 35-75mm
Film width: max.590 mm Machine dimension
Film type: single layer POF film sealer: 4930 x 1130 x 1500mm
Max power consumption shrink tunnel: 2400 x 600 x 1550mm
sealer: 3.6kw Weight
shrink tunnel: 16.5kw sealer: 1000kg
  shrink tunnel: 600kg
  Machine material: carbon steel


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