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MO-900 machine is a robotized packaging machine. It can be used without any manual operation and can handle an assembly line of meat products. It eliminates the need for workers to do all these tasks, thus saving time and space. The MO-900 machine is a perfect choice for food processors and anyone who needs to process products with no human contact.

1.Two sets of electric eyes are convenient for switching and selection. For thin or small packages, sealing and packaging can be easily completed.
2.Combined monitoring of electric eye and timer, accurately control the length of feed film.
3.Schneider PLC control system, safety protection and with alarm device.
4.Advanced constant temperature side sealing knife, straight and firm sealing line.
5.Using separate motor to control for automatic winding waste.
6.Advanced air transport technology is selected, the wind direction can be adjusted, and the contraction effect is good.
7.Adopt imported Schneider frequency converter stepless speed regulation with stable speed regulation performance.

Technical Specification: MO-900
Sealing type 4 sides sealing, full close
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Sealing height 300 mm
Sealing knife width 1100mm
Product size 400mm < widh + height < 900mm Length > 250mm
Conveyor speed 15m/min
Film type single layer PE film, POF film
Power consumption sealer 2.5 kw
shrink tunnel max. 28 kw
Working height 850-900mm
Air pressure 0.5MPa(5 bar)
Sealing system double side sealing and cross sealing system, permanently heated seal bar coated with Teflon.
Operating panel Siemens colorful touch screen, PLC, omron temperature controller
Machine material carbon steel
Weight 2000kg

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