Automatic shrinking machine factory in China developed motion shrinking machine, bagging sealing and heat shrinking equipment for film shrink wrap packaging.

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Door shrink wrap packing machine

Door packing solution: Door wrapping machine and door shrinking machine

Two vertical press rolls are used to press the two sides of the panel after shrinking and make a tidy edge.     
Door packing solution: Door wrapping machine and door shrinking machine   

This tight and neat package can be a selling point for the manufacturers.              
Door packing solution: Door wrapping machine and door shrinking machine

       One sealer door shrinking machine


  1. It is a solution for full sides nice sealed packaging.
  2. It can be combined with an automatic production line for automatic shrink wrapping, which includes feeding the packing material, sealing, material recover…
  3. Two feed-in modes, auto/manual can be chosen.
  4. The height of sealing is adjustable for different products.
  5. Three sealer for full side sealed packaging.   
  6. Material recycle device
  7. The width of twos side sealers are adjustable.
  8. Package is with smooth and nice surface.
  9. Adopts photoelectricity for inducing the products for fix the position.
  10. Speed of conveyor adjustment by invertors.
  11. According to different collocations for the machine and different products.
  12. Adopts PE film on rolls.
  13. Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for PE, industrial standard shrink films.
  14. Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
  15. The conveying system speed is adjustable, which makes whole machine highly automatic, it runs automatically without unmanned operation.
  16.  Hi-speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel.
  17.  Sealing system: permanently heated seal bar with easy-exchangeable sealing blade without odorous, temperature controlled and detected by PLC.

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