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The packing machines for panel products packaging.

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Rigid board is the EPS panel and high density foam panel with fixed size and dimension. It’s a new and environment material for building industry. Great insulation and cheap price. The production only involves steam and water, no contaminant to the environment.
Rigid board 01Rigid board 02

A protective package is very helpful to the transportation and protection of the panels. Avoiding damages and prevent oxidation while the products are placed in the warehouse or construction area.

Back packing and shrinking machine:

As the EPS panels are very sensitive to high temperature, we change the shrinking feature from traditional shrinking tunnel to heat blowers. The hot air generators provide sustainable hot air, blow it through the specialized blowers to the surface of the package. The high temperature only exist on the surface of the packing film. The package can be well shrank without any damage to the products inside.

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