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 Board packing machine and packing solution

For particle and Mdf boards manufacturers, packing their products can be a crucial part in the whole selling chain. Fhope has been working with many giant manufacturers in the industry for years, determined to creat new ways to pack board products more efficiently and practically.
As countries are setting green economy as their developing goals, we are keen on reducing packaging materials and energy costs. We also care about the quality of the package, providing excellent protection for the products always to be our original goal.

Our board packing machine and packing solution has few branches as below:

1. Specialized horizontal wrapping machine for packing boards in large quantity.

This solution is to pack the stacked boards in very large quantity by horizontal wrapping,high wrapping speed increased the manufacturers' capacity.

Extended conveyors are easy for loading and unloading, we also reserve the place for forklift makes it become easier to operate.


2. Six sides wrapping machine(bale wrapping machine)