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The CASE and colleaction solution for different industry

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The door packaging machine is produced by the best engineers and designers of SHJLPACK, which is mostly suitable for many modern industries, especially for special door industry manufacturers. We will do a good job in packaging this machine to achieve the safety of delivering products to merchants and prevent various problems in transportation, such as wear, friction, scratches, etc. Because of its simple operation and high efficiency, we are welcomed by many merchants, and at the same time, we can find solutions for customers at reasonable prices. Our rich experience helps us to have the opportunity to become partners with industrial products companies of many scales. We will try our best to assist your project.

The solution form SHJLPACK provides a wide range of products protection. by door shrink wrapping machine that working with heat and film:  The machine flexiable for all types of furniture, panel, timber, wood, door,window, mattresses, profiles and board even vehicle accessories…
The realiable and good quality performance door packing solutino was be the leading equipment in the market. 


Door packaging machinery can be matched and used with our packaging materials in automatic cutting and re-feeding options, and can automatically cut, feed and continue to work without operator operation.

A.   Door Shrinking Solutions

The door shrinking machine consists of conveyor, panel bagging machine and shrinking tunnel. Different products can be accommodated, which is much better in terms of product protection and overall appearance.


This door coating machine can protect a wide range of products: all types of furniture, wood, mattresses, textiles, and it can also protect profiles, fences and vehicle accessories for high temperature operation.
Our special packaging door model is the most reliable and efficient in the market. 

door and panel packing machine

Automatic length sealer for cutting the film upto width 1800mm. Both side film sealed by pressing roller.



2.  Three sealers solution: 

Three sealers fixed on the machine, instantly cut and seal three sides of the package before going into the shrinking tunnel, greatly shortened the time.
The wholly sealed package does a better performance in protecting your products.
Other interesting stations for applying protective materials to incorporate into our automated wrapping machines from our catalogue: practically unlimited protection of the  customized model 

Three sealer door packing machine

  Three sealer door shrinking machine   




B.  Door Wrapping Solutions

The model is designed to realize two types of packaging. At the end of the process, completely wrap the product and wrap it with stretched film, or do comprehensive treatment on the package (early stage, middle stage and late stage), so as to achieve highly protective final packaging while keeping significant energy reduction, because they are optimized systems, work with minimum energy input, and get the best results without affecting efficiency.


1. Door Wrapping Machine

The door wrapping machine inclues the in-feeding conveyor, autoamtic wrapping station and out feed conveyor with controll system

It is able to work for different door packaging. No matter what length, weight and size problem, Our team makes solutions as your need.

horizontal door wrapping machine

2. Door Bubble film orbital wrapping machine

The bubble fim packing machine for door includes the film covering and sealing device with wrapping machine,out feeding conveyor and control panel
This is a sealed packaging way by bubble film and stretch film which can protecting every corner of the goods which is good for transportation to avoide damge.
PE film and bubble film are used in the film coating device. Then, the film is cut with sealant.

door bubble film packing machine


Beside, there is vertial type door packing machine that developed from pallet stretch wrapper. This is the price lower door packaging machine for low volume packaging requirement.


The packaging solution= Film covering machine + wrapping machine + out feeding conveyor.
This is a stretch packaging solution, which can cover every corner of the goods and create a protective cover for your door.The film covering device adopt PE film, bubble film which cutting film by sealer.


--High packaging efficiency

--Adjustable package size in WIDTH X LENGTH

--Automation in the packing procession 

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