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pre-strand wire coil packing machine
Specialty designed for packing steel wire coils. It is the perfect way to protect and seal the coils, making them look tidier. The machine’s wrapper can move, making it convenient to load in and adjust the wrapping position according to different dimensions.
1.Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.
2. The track with movable wrapping position for different coils.
3. PLC & HMI are adopted.Simple operation by imputing OD,ID&Width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
4. Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.
5. Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by converters.
6. The overlap rate of wrapping tape can be adjusted through converters according to requirements.
7. Wrapping tape tension can be adjusted.
8. Automatic wrapping material cutting.
9. Special brake to avoid material folding on the ring.
10. Easy operation and maintenance.
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:(custom-made according to the user’s coil size)
Package weight: 500-2500kg
Package width: 150-500mm
Package OD: 1600-2300mm
Package ID: 1350-2000mm
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Rotating speed: 40-60r/min
Overlap scope:30%-70%
Power output: app. 5.0kw
Power voltage:380v/50Hz
Packing material: Knit belt or Goffered paper ID:55mm OD:500mm Width:120mm
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