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The Automatic slitting strip coil packaging line is to streamline the coil packaging process after cutting on the slitting-and-shearing line in the existing rolling-extrusion shop. The equipment is designed to automate the coil packaging process from coil turning to packing, stacking, and transfer to the warehouse.
The turnstile is to have a heavy loading capacity with a strong structure to support the weight of the coils. It can have 2 or 4 arms per slitting line speed requirement, with a maximum loading capacity of 60 tons and a maximum arm length of 2000mm. The downender is designed for automatic lifting and turning of the coils at the end of the slitting line to ensure a smooth transfer to the packing line.
The coil wrapper is designed for automatic wrapping of coils with high-quality stretch film, with automatic size adjustment according to the coil size. The system also includes automatic cutting of the film at the end of the wrapping process. The coil stacker is designed for automatic stacking of wrapped coils on pallets, with adjustable pallet size according to customer requirements. The system also includes automatic pallet transfer to the warehouse.
All the equipment is designed to work seamlessly together and is fully automated to minimize manual labor and increase efficiency in the coil packing process. Safety features have also been incorporated into the design to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment.

The turnstile is a critical component of the new coil packing line equipment, designed to support the weight of the coils and facilitate their transfer from the slitting-and-shearing line to the packing line. It has been designed with heavy loading and strong structure, ensuring that it can withstand the weight of the coils and the rigors of the packing process.
The turnstile can be configured with 2 or 4 arms per slitting line speed requirement, providing flexibility to accommodate the needs of the operation. The maximum loading capacity of the turnstile is 60 tons, ensuring that it can handle even the heaviest coils with ease. The maximum arm length of 2000mm provides ample space for the coils to be maneuvered into position for the next stage of the packaging process.

The downender is a critical component of the new coil packing line equipment, designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of the coils from the turnstile to the packing line. Its automatic operation, flexible design, and safety features make it an essential tool in the production process, ensuring that the packaging process runs smoothly and efficiently while keeping operators and equipment safe.

Wrapping machine
It's to automatically wrap the coils with high-quality stretch film. The machine is designed as an eye-through type, allowing it to be easily connected to the production line through a conveyor working table.
The wrapping tape tension can be adjusted to ensure that the stretch film is applied evenly and tightly around the coil. The ring speed and roller speed are also adjustable by inverter, providing flexibility to accommodate different coil sizes and production requirements.
The machine will provide a high level of control over the wrapping process, with adjustable packing tape tension to ensure that the coils are securely wrapped and protected during transportation and storage.

Stacking machine
It's efficiently and safely handle the packed coils and stack them onto pallets. The machine features a mechanical coil lifter, which is used to lift and transfer the coils from the conveyor to the pallets.
The coil lifter is mobile, allowing it to smoothly and quickly pick up the coils and transfer them to the pallets. The stacking machine is mainly composed of a gantry-type mobile mechanism, which provides a stable and reliable platform for the coil lifter to operate on.

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