Home > Products > Coil Packing Machine > Master coil stretch wrapper > This aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper is an automatic packing system which composed of blocker roller stations, guide rail, main stretch wrapper machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, packing material release & storage station, U-type orbital, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, electric cabinet and etc.
1. Make sure the aluminum coil stretch wrapper machine is in normal standby status and in the standby area, there is no bad hidden trouble.
2. Load the unpackaged object in the center of roller, do ensure safe, steady and orderly operation. Prevent against the occurrence of unpackaged object collision with the machine, affect normal working or have an accident.
3. Set the needed parameter or choose the set relevant parameter group, and set the other parameters well before working.
4. Make sure the packing material is enough, installation position is correct and the film is fixed well.
5. Choose the automatic orientation in “Auto” mode, press the corresponding
button of the unpackaged object’s block roller station , such as “ Automation A”, then the machine will move to the A roller automatically. Pay attention to the moving process, make sure the moving is normal.
6. After orientation, observe the machine again, do ensure the shuttle can pass through the object’s center smoothly and will not collision with the machine.
7. Stay away from the machine during working.
8. Start the machine, machine will adopt the set parameters automatically to conduct wrapping work.
9. Automatic wrapping.
10. Wrapping is finished, cutting & clamping the film automatically.
11. Check and make sure the other block roller station is ready. Choose the next block roller station and press the relevant block roller station button.
12. Cycle the above operation for continuous wrapping.
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