Home > Products > Pallet Inverter > The working mode of FHOPE pallet inverter is quite different from other types of 180 pallet inverters. FHOPE inverter tilts the load 90 degrees backward,
so that the goods can be concentrated on the turntable. it is a good method for dealing with wide or heavy goods.

Wide load pallet inverter for steel sheet
The manufacturer of the pallet inverters--SHJLPACK Application: Inverted boxes, bags, drums, barrels, cans, glass bottles, steel plates and plastics, toilets and gas cylinders.
Due to the high clamping pressure, there is no problem in handling any stacked goods, including smooth or unstable goods. Y
ou can see the damaged materials that need to be recycled at the bottom of the load. The tray used is cleaner than the wooden tray.
Can be manipulated to change direction for different purposes. Increase the flexibility of distribution pallet policy. automatic coiler

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