Home > Products > Pallet Inverter > Tray converter is totally different from other types of 180-degree inverters in working principle, and the letters in its title represent "tilt and rotation". When dealing with very wide or heavy loads, there is an ideal way to turn the load over 90 degrees so that it is located in the center of the turntable.
It can be manufactured by single or two clamping tables, and its width and depth can be adjusted by itself. No matter whether the load he has to bear is high or low, the size of his mouth can be changed.
pallet inverter reclining
After stamping or surface treatment, it is generally accepted that turning the steel stack 180 degrees is the most typical usage. It is feasible to turn the laminated plate stack to meet customer requirements, or to use it in concrete products manufactured by molds.
We will customize a fully automated and protected system according to customers' needs. We have manufactured machines with a capacity of up to 13,200 pounds, and can even manufacture machines with larger weights according to customers' requirements.
pallet inverter reclining

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