Home > Products > Pallet Inverter > The operation of this pallet inverter also follows the principles of tilting and rotating, so as to realize 180-degree inversion. Double clamping and tilting are hydraulically driven, and the rotation is realized by releasing the locking mechanism and manually rotating the vehicle body. This is a smooth, simple and fast operation.
V type pallet changer
The use of the inverter covers turning over materials, restoring damage and balancing loads, which can reduce the damage to employees. Forklift transportation can be of great use in this pallet inverter. This machine is equipped with an independent 180-degree inverter, with a single splint and complete protective measures.
Safety fence and protection standard.
V type pallet changer
Back injuries were significantly reduced.
Quickly and efficiently remove damaged or damaged products.
The forklift operator can easily operate the suspension controller.
Independent 180-degree inverter with single clamping plate.
It can be transported and loaded by forklift with built-in fork bags.
Easy loading and transfer from wooden pallets to plastic pallets, slip sheets or rental pallets.
Control options range from standard suspension controllers to fully automatic systems.

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