Home > Products > Pallet Inverter > The tray replacement provided by the tray changer can free your hands. In the past 10 years, the system has been continuously improved, making it a multifunctional device today. It can realize your ideal and eliminate manual operation.
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Tray changer is a machine for changing the bottom tray. These pallets can be turned over, lifted or pushed to exchange pallets between the inside and the outside. In this way, it is convenient to replace the damaged tray from the bottom of loading. It can move goods from one pallet to another when changing pallets, thus eliminating the need for rotation or rotation. The coverage of color changer lies in food industry, pharmaceutical industry and daily chemical products.

It can bear the load up to 2050mm and the weight up to 1500kg.
Front load, floor fixing guard with beam.
Can be used for processing various trays.
Placing the pallet stacker on the side of the pallet converter can completely save manpower.

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