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Fhope pallet inverter single clamper series is designed for helping customer’s logistic load transfer in an economic and flexible way. Big space and concrete structure make a promise to you of high quailty.
Placing the load on the bottom platform by forklift, the clamper close afterwards. The machine then turn 180°to reverse the load and allow you to withdraw the pallet. Easy operation saves more time in your delivering and shipping process.

The Fhope inverter is an ideal choice for packed, packaged, or canned food. It is widely used to deal with various products from yogurt, biscuits to bottled wine or cement.Use Fhope to convert wood from wood to plastic pallet, recover damaged products from the bottom, or increase flexibility for your distribution pallet policy.We can make stainless steel rotary valve body or galvanized antirust paint.
Using field: pallet replacement, pallet loading and loading from wood tray to clean internal tray, replacement pallet goods can transport or store pallet changes 180 degrees pallet system change to adapt to the pallet safety, efficient, semi-automatic control.


Lifting ability: 2T
Pallet size: 1200X1200mm
Turning degree: 180 degree of rotation

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