Home > Products > Pallet Inverter > Fixed pallet inverter for independent pallet turnover and replacement ... In the market, the term pallet flippers is the most commonly used.

This shows that the only thing that needs to be installed in electrical connection is that the stability of the inverter needs to be below its own weight. The standard model with lever control device installed on the short arm is the most popular.
pallet changer stationery
One lever is responsible for operating the clamp on the pallet inverter, and the other lever can rotate 180 degrees under load. You can choose to provide button, automatic or radio remote control for the pallet inverter.

As we all know, FS pallet inverter is the head of our series, and it sells more machines every year than most other types of pallet transmission systems combined. Forklift is used because the table is above the ground. It has three sizes of jaws to choose from, and can be customized with jaws over 86 inches.

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