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Most of the in-line tray inverters of different styles have been integrated into the in-line system at some time. Even FS has been installed on a workbench (at the end of the production line) with a conveyor belt. The inverter GL (which is no longer produced) is the first one to feed the conveyor. It receives the pallet load on one side and swings more than 180 degrees in the extended seesaw movement, so that it can be placed on the other side. If every load needs to rotate, it is excellent. Without rotation, nothing needs to pass through the machine.
inline pallet inverter
The next choice is the roller or "Pac Man" inverter, which can receive the side load and rotate on the electric drum under the machine body. It is difficult to clamp and support the load in this model, and it takes up a lot of space. RR solves many problems related to in-line tray exchange. The loading table can be customized to any size, which is very suitable for turning over large corrugated board, and the clamping range is very large.

Loads that do not need to be reversed can simply transfer goods from one side to the other. When it is clamped and tilted, it will immediately rise from the conveying line, so there is no need for space on both sides to swing it. The roller butt joint can be realized. The future online system is meaningless. It will be based on the principle of tray converter, and the load will enter a set of rollers installed on the loading platform of the machine from the side or front. As a part of the integrated system, pallets will be ejected and loaded in the same way by the pallet stacker and distributor.

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