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Automatic pipe packing line is made up with shaping equipment, automatic pipe bundling equipment ,wrapping packing equipment, and back-line moving-loading equipment. The diameter of the largest bundle circumcircle reaches 450mm. It is a reliable packing unit featuring high automation, fast speed, convenient and safe operation.
Operating Description
Automatic Pipe Packing Line
Construction of the Automatic Pipe Packing Line
Shaping Equipment
The shaping equipment and pipe bundling machine,can form a bundle with maximum circumcircle diameter of 450mm. The diameter of the pipes should be no more than 450mm and the length should be 2000-4500mm. It also has delivery function jointing with downstream wrapping packing machine. The products are contacted with flexible belt, avoiding the damage of product surface. The belt length is synchronously adjustable. The open design enables the adjustment for different product length. The synchronous tightening function brings convenience to the manual wrapping.
Diameter of circumcircle: ≤ 450mm
Weight: ≤ 1500kg
Delivering speed: 6-8m/min
Power: 3kw approx.
Power supply: AC, 380V, 50Hz
Air supply: 6-8kgf/cm2
Back-Line Moving-Loading Equipment
Back-line moving-loading equipment consists of convey line, lifting platform, storage platform, etc. It can convey and store packed products. The synchronous convey and lifting mechanism act uniformly. The multiple protection devices can make sure the security operation. The open structure provides convenience for the lifting operation of the bridge crane. The integrated embedded structure features elegant appearance and easy maintenance.
Power: 3kw approx.
Load moving speed: 8m/min approx.
Storage volume: 5 bundle approx.
Power supply: AC, 380V, 50Hz
Air supply: 6-8kgf/cm2
Automatic wrapping packing equipment
The GG450 automatic pipe packing line is designed for the wrapping packing of straight products. The operation is controlled by PLC programmable controller and man-machine interaction touch screen. The friction wheel mechanism works smoothly and powerfully. The optoelectronic system traces the product length and locates the products precisely. Machine failures are alarmed and displayed automatically by a indicator. The slip ring and convey line are all under frequency conversion control. Degrees of overlapping and tightness are adjustable. This wrapping packing equipment can wrap composite packing tape, and can also synchronously wrap plastic film and woven tape. The initial tape installation and tail cutting are done manually. The floor supporting the wrapping packing machine must have a bearing capacity over 1 ton /m2.
Material length: 2000-4500mm
Maximum pipe circumcircle diameter: ≤450mm
Material weight: ≤1500kg
Rotate speed of slip ring: 90r/min approx.
Material of packing tape: high-quality composite paper tape, woven tape, wrapping film
Width of packing tape: 120mm-150mm
Inner diameter of packing tape: 55mm
Maximum outer diameter of coiled packing tape: composite paper tape ≤350mm, woven tape ≤350mm, wrapping film ≤200mm
Power: 2.5kw approx.
Power supply: 380V, three-phase-five-wire system

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