Steel Pipe Packaging Line

Steel Pipe Packaging Line

This steel pipe packaging line is combined with pipe bundle forming and strapping packaging.

Step 1: Steel pipe from production line

Step 2: Elevator in-feeding the pipe one by one

Step 3: Aligning the products and pipe layer counting

Step 4: Pipe hexagon/square forming layer by layer 

Step 5: Pipe bundle conveying to strap position


3Features of pipe bundling machine:

1.  Programmed control for all bundle configurations. All setting changing available for selection on touch screen panel on operator station.

2.  Pipe bundling machine adjustable per pipe size

3.  Special designed roller conveyor for move the bundle from forming device to strapping station.

4.  After counting the pipe layer, they are accumulated at a pop up stop to await building of bundle layer. 

5.  The extending fork is extended so that the layer can be released to roll onto the building fork. 

6.  A one way stop for pipe positioning which eliminates pipe from bouncing back out of position, and an supportive device is lowered to hold pipe in position while extending fork is retracted. 

7.  The pipe bundling machine will lower so that next layer can be released by pop up stops.

pipe packing line pipe bundling mahcine

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