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GD300 Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
Converter is adopted to control the turning ring. Superimposed rate could be varied according to the requirement.
This steel coil wrapping machine equipped with automatic cutter and setting devices.Package height could be adjusted for different OD.
GD400 Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
The components of well known brands are adopted in the steel coil wrapper.
PLC and HMI systems are adopted according to the your request.
When trouble occurs, the indicator alarms automatically. And the trouble can be shown in English.
Simple operation by imputing OD, ID and width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
GD600 Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
The converter is adopted to control the turning ring. Overlap rate could be adjusted according to your requirement.
Package height could be adjusted for relevant OD.
Material tension can be adjusted automatically, specialist for stainless steel coil.
GD800 Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
Material tension can be adjusted automatically for this strip wrapping machine.
This product is designed with function of setting packing tape and stretch film for wrapping in one packing process to make the working more efficient.
The special brake device is provided for control the tension of packing material in order to avoid material ...

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