Automatic Coil Packaging Line

steel coil packing line

shjlpack is a major automatic coil packaging line manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply automatic coil packaging line, and wire wrapping machine, board wrapping machine, tube coil packing line.... There is able to provide automatic packing solution as long as the object is coil size. Our products are not only with high quality but competitive price. Jingling is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing coil wrapping machine, mould tilter, upender, coil car... can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost, but higher performance in function. The more detail description shows on the page.

The following pictures show the possible packing solution for coil packing line.

Turnstile  coil car

 coil turnstile                                                                       coil car

down endercoil conveyor

down ender connect with turnstile                     coil conveyor

coil packing linecoil strapping line

coil wrapping machine                                                coil strapping station.

As an professional manufacturing for coil packing line we are providing service for designing and installation.
1. Conceptualization of the system
2. Design of the system & modules
3. Detail analysis of each module
4. Preparation of General assembly layout
5. Cycle time analysis
6. Detailed Engineering
7. Preparation of the Bill-of-Material
8. Assembly and part drawing of different modules
9. Manufacturing & Quality check
10. Purchase of bought-out items
11. Assembly of modules at our works
12. Integration of the modules
13. Testing and trial of modules
14. Inspection of the modules in running condition
15. Packing of assembly
16. Dispatch
17. Supervision of Mechanical & Electrical Installation
18. Commissioning.
19. Testing of the total system at customer’s site
20. Handing over the system
21. Commissioning trial
22. Training to operation engineers.

,Established in 1998, Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading and professional manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing of coil packaging line. We will service for your with 16 years of professional experience and special design.

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