Stretch Wrapper

    1. Pipe Stretch Wrapping MachineGG series automatic pipe stretch wrapper are mainly designed for metallurgical industries. The machine can be widely used for wrapping heavy bundles, such as steel pipe, petro pipe, stainless steel pipe and wire rod. The wrapped package is well protected and sealed, it also looks tidy.
      PLC and HMI systems are adopted for intelligent operation. ...
    1. Orbital Wrapper Orbital wrapper is an stretch wrapping machine with orbital ring for packaging. 15 years manufacturing experience. Orbital stretch wrapper designed to wrap heavy objects with film width 300-500mm.
      It is for high productions of furniture, doors, timber boards, etc. Custom build is available
    1. Door Stretch Wrapper Door stretch wrapper is machine for door wrapping by stretch film. 200% pre-stretch is for save packing material. The stretch wrapper is with special designed supportive roll and automatic positioning device.
      It is for high productions of window, doors, timber boards, etc. Custom build is available.
    1. Horizontal Wrapping MachineOur rod horizontal stretch wrapper is provided with good design and high technique. It is equipped with double-ring and double-rub wheel devices, it makes the work more stable and effective.
      Special conveying device is easy for loading and conveying the package, it strengthens the transfer capacity.
      The packing cost can be cut by using wide packing belt.
    1. Profile Stretch Wrapping Machine
    2. GZ series profile horizontal stretch wrapper are major designed for light straight objects, such as PVC pipe, plastic pipe, aluminum section and aluminum profile.
      Different packing masteries are available as your needs.
      The mechanical hand device can be chosen for automatic material feeding and cutting operation.
    1. Aluminum Wrapping Machine
    2. Aluminum horizontal stretch wrapping machine is for aluminum profile or section packaging. There is automatic packing line for  aluminum profile bundling strapping, wrapping.
      It is a machine able to online packing
      The can be designed according to your factory layout and space.
    1. Board Stretch Wrapper Board horizontal wrapper is equipped with double-ring and double-rub wheel devices, which can largely improve the work efficiency.
      Special conveying device is adopted in order to loading and conveying the package easily.
      When trouble occurs, indicator alarms show automatically.
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