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Orbital wrapper  is custom built for heavy loads that require high wrap force, such as door, motor, profile, wooden panel... With over 15 years of application knowledge built-in, the Orbital wrapper includes a strong ring and precision bearing, an exclusive dual support driving wheels, PLC& touch screen, a robust  motor conveyor system and reliable state of the control system. 
1. Automatic program for packing control
2. PLC--Siemens
3. HMI--Siemens
4. Automatic trouble indication
Film Device
5. Packing tension is adjustable from loose to tight.
6. Packing material from LLDPE to paper, bubble...can be choose according different packing requirement.
7. Automatic film cutting and feeding.
8. The reinforce ring with double driving wheels controlled by a converter.
9. Protective device for products fixing in packing.
10. Overlap rate adjustable from 10%-90%.
11.1 year unlimited cycles
Stretch orbital wrapper
Technical Data
ITEMS GG-800 GG-2000
Package lenth 2000-6000mm 2000-6000mm
Package OD ≤800mm ≤2000mm
Conveyer height 800mm 800mm
Conveying speed 4-9m/min 4-9m/min
Conveyer lenth 6m 6m
Rotating speed About 70r/min About 50r/min
Overlap scope 30%-90% 30%-90%
Material Knit tape/stretch film/compound paper etc. W:300mm OD:≤300mm ID:55mm Knit tape/stretch film/compound paper etc. W:300mm OD:≤300mm ID:55mm
Power output About2.5kw About3.4kw
Power voltage 380V/50Hz /3 phase 380V/50Hz /3 phase
Supplier 6-8kgf/cm2 6-8kgf/cm2

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